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I think this has a good message, but also remember that the fact that somebody wants to “plant their face your fucking ass” does not and will never define you as a person, and isn’t something to pride yourself on. That thought really shouldn’t be comforting at all. Too much emphasis is being put on “fuckability” for women and men of today. You are not a sex object, you should not be need to told that you are acceptable for sex even though you’re big, or dark, or too small. You shouldn’t be worrying about whether somebody wants to have sex with you at all! Because you are worth so much more than whether some guy/girl likes your ass! You are all soul, and memories, and favorite songs, and recipes, scrapbooks, riddles, old legos underneath your bed, and stardust. You’re a whole damn person with goods and bads and inbetweens and unique traits that no one else will ever have and ever will know. And the fact that the amazing-ness that is a human being could be reduced to the measure of their “sexiness,” or could be comforted by a GIF set that tells them that someone out there wants to screw them is really saddening. 

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How to tell if you live in a misogynistic, heteropatriarchal society? Do people— especially men— shame, denigrate and dehumanize (and rape, abuse, exploit, abduct and even murder) women who are or used be sex-workers, even though they— males— “love” the sex-industry?

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I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

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"All these characters are gay? No. It’s unrealistic to have so many." 

Didn’t you know? Gays are pack animals. Like angry wolves, they rove the countryside in large groups. During the full moon the alphagay has a contagious bite that will make you realize that of course gay people fuckin hang out together???





Females grow pubic hair

Not all labias are symmetrical

Big clitorises are not unnatural

Vaginal secretions exist outside of sexual arousal

These secretions have a smell

Some more pungent than others

The female reproductive system is not dirty

The female body can be hairy and a bit smelly and it will appear different for everyone

And that’s okay

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